The first chapters are here!
In case you didn’t know, I’m referring to the first chapters of the Ten To One novel, which is being collaboratively written by ten brilliant and upcoming authors (click on the link above if you still need more information). Together, they have produced ten chapters, each of them working on a single part of the story, a single character. 



I’m reminded of the Indian story of the blind men and the elephant. Groping in their blindness, each finds a different part of the animal (the trunk, the leg, the tail, etc) and declares that they have found a snake or a tree or a rope or whatever. It is explained that each of them has perceived part of the elephant, that none of them is wholly wrong but that each has grasped part of the whole truth.


This story (it’s hard to tell) might come to us originally in the form of a Jain parable about truth and the multiplicity of viewpoints that make up our reality. It doesn’t matter. The point is this…


The Ten To One authors, all ten of them, have written a chapter apiece for the opening section of the Ten To One novel. Not one of the chapters represents the entire truth. In fact, in this initial version, the chapters may give snippets that contradict one another, tonal differences that suggest discord. But, even though these chapters have yet to go through an editing process which irons out those contradictions and shift, all of the authors have given us part of the whole story and I hope that when you read those chapters now you will be able to see the one story that runs through them and which all of them, with their individual parts, are trying to convey.


We will be posting the chapters, piece by piece on Facebook (  but the easiest way to read them all is to have them sent to you in a happy text e-mail. Go sign up for our Ten To One newsletter at Or, if you’re a completely distrustful Luddite, send an e-mail to with “Ten To One chapters” in the subject line and we’ll send a document of the chapters straight back to you.





Editor, Pigeon Park Press