This series takes a look at our world in the near-future where technology takes an unexpected turn

Tech a Piece of My Mind

Alice works for Jaffle Tech incorporated, the world’s biggest technology company and the creator of the Jaffle Port, the brain implant that gives users direct access to global communications, social networks and every knowledge source on the planet. Alice is on Jaffle Standard, the free service offered to all people. All she has to do in return is let Jaffle use a bit of her brain’s processing power. Maybe it’s being used to control satellites. Maybe it’s being used to further space exploration. Maybe it’s helping control self-driving cars on the freeway. Her brain is helping Jaffle help the world. And Jaffle are only using the bits of her brain she doesn’t need… But when a kind deed goes wrong, Alice gains unauthorised access to her entire brain and discovers what she has been missing out on her entire life: music, art, laughter, love… Now that she has discovered what her mind is truly capable of, how long will the company bosses let her keep it?

Tech It To Ride

Constance Wileman was once a meat avatar, the flesh and blood puppet of the rich and powerful who would rather take someone else’s body out on the town instead of risking their own. But Constance has now escaped that life and is part of the team at Symbio that will finally allow human observers to experience life through the eyes and ears (and all the other senses) of animals.

Randolph Howard is a bodyhacker, a skilled criminal who can effortlessly slip in and out of the minds and bodies of those people who haven’t installed the proper security protocols. He’s been offered a job that he simply can’t refuse, a most unusual burglary job…

Damba is a four hundred pound silverback gorilla. He just wants to spend his days, chilling out and eating his greens. But Randolph Howard and the people at Symbio have some very different plans.

In a future where we open up our minds to others a little more than we should, a woman, a man and a gorilla get involved in the craziest heist ever.

Techin’ Care of Business

Gustav White loves working for Marlin. Marlin is the big tech company that everyone loves. You can buy anything from Marlin and next day delivery is guaranteed. They’re even pioneering the next generation of self-driving cars and robot delivery drones. Gustav loves Marlin.

Ruby Jallow is an ethics consultant. She specialises in looking at Artificial Intelligence systems and solving the moral questions that arise. It’s her job to make sure everything at Marlin is fair and honest and serves the general good. She likes her job.

Marlin was founded on the principle that it exists to serve everyone in the most efficient way possible. Marlin loves its employees and its customers.

Nothing bad will ever happen at Marlin. The self-driving cars won’t start running people over. The delivery drones won’t start violent turf wars with each other. Crash test dummies won’t start questioning the purpose of their existence and seek out a more fulfilling life.

None of these things will EVER happen at Marlin. Marlin is good.

Tech it to Heart

Danny Dolphin works in the Gladskog Tech superstore in a dead-end sales job. His girlfriend, Rachel, has a really important job, saving lives in the hospital and Danny knows he’s going to lose her if can’t show her how much he loves her.

Dr Rachel Mulligan’s got her own problems. A patient has come into the hospital with a Gladskog food blender stuck where no human should have a food blender. It’s a baffling medical mystery and a sign of horrors to come.

Detective Boorman has a mystery of his own to solve when he’s attacked by a man with a Gladskog carving knife where his hand used to be. Across the city, consumer goods are literally transforming people’s lives and not in a good way.

Leap into what’s probably the best electronic-goods-zombie-horror novel you’ll read this year. Probably.