A time-bending novella series that brings history to life with humour, adventure and heart.
Three very different women discover the ability to jump through time and are not deterred by the number of times they mess everything up…

A Witch in Time

Maddie Waites is a wannabe rock guitarist with an unfulfilling job in local government, an uncle who needs constant care and no time to call her own…

Astrid Bohart is a disgraced school teacher who knows that human history is littered with lies and conspiracies. If only she had some way of proving it…

Alice Hickenhorn is a woman ahead of her time, a woman gifted with the kind of intelligence and curiosity that might draw the attention of witchfinders in seventeenth century England…

Georgian Pineapple Shuffle

Aspiring rock guitarist Maddie Waites, disgraced History teacher Astrid Bohart, suspected witch Alice Hickenhorn.

Three woman who discover the awesome ability to jump through time, decide to use that power to turn a quick profit and then make a complete mess of it.

It turns out that travelling back to Georgian times to sell exotic fruit to the aristocracy isn’t as simple as one might think.

Prepare for double-crossing butlers, devious urchins and plundering the museum for dress-up fun.

Butts to the Future

Maddie Waites, Astrid Bohart and Alice Hickenhorn have the power to travel through time. They decide to take a break from using this power to repeatedly save the life of a careless motorcyclist and embark on a trip back in time to steal valuable pop memorabilia from the swinging sixties before it becomes valuable.

However, it seems that adventures in the past comes with their own unexpected problems including time-travelling cows, mad-eyed witchfinders and the increasingly sinister Master Burnleigh.

The Norman Quizquest

Maddie, Astrid and Alice have been given the ability to travel through time and are dedicated to using this power only for the most important of purposes.

So, when Alice uses time travel to bring her favourite cow four hundred years into the future, this not only causes friction between the time travellers but also with Astrid’s nosy neighbour. Neighbourly conflict comes to a head at a pub quiz event and Astrid is compelled to travel back to 1066 to prove her quiz knowledge is supreme.

Prepare for time-travelling ghosts, dodgy council bureaucrats, dodgier Norman disguises and the Battle of Hastings as you never saw it before.