Here are some suggested readers group questions for discussing Clovenhoof

  • Does Clovenhoof grow and change as a character in the book? Can you think of any examples?
  • Is suburban England worse than the hell Jeremy Clovenhoof comes from?
  • Is Clovenhoof a religious book? Is its depiction of heaven and hell based on religious ideas or have they been modelled on something else?
  • The Good Life, Keeping Up Appearances, Clovenhoof. Is British suburbia a natural setting for comedy?
  • Jeremy Clovenhoof is the devil but is he the worst character in the book? Who are worse, the humans or the supernatural characters (demons, angels, etc)?
  • How is humour produced in the book? Is it through the characters, the situations or the dialogue?
  • Ben and Nerys are landed with Jeremy as a neighbour. Is he a positive or negative influence on their lives?
  • Would (or should) a person with a Christian faith be offended by this novel? Is its attitude towards religion a positive or negative one?
  • What does the idea of a ‘neighbour from hell’ mean to you?