Here are the Sprite Brigade books by Heide Goody and Iain Grant. They are all set in a universe where fairy take characters walk amongst us…

Guin Roberts can’t think of anything worse than visiting a Christmas market with her new family. Guin is perfectly happy with own company and doesn’t want that disrupted by her wisecracking stepbrother and his earnest mum.

Their Christmas celebrations are invaded by a sleigh full of murderous elves. And it doesn’t matter if they’ve been naughty or nice — these elves are out for blood.

Can the family band together to survive the night? Or will Santa’s little helpers make mincemeat of them all?

Rehoming a mermaid caught in an oil slick? No problem.
Getting a girl out of a devilish deal with a social media sprite? Easy-peasy.

But when every troll in the city is suddenly made homeless, fairy tale expert Dr Epiphany Alexander faces a task like no other.

Can she keep the trolls and the public at a safe distance from each other? Can she fend off the advances of elderly gents who find her strangely irresistible? Most importantly, can she do any of these things without falling foul of the enchantments, tricks and traps that are part of any encounter with the folks of faerie?

Ella Hannaford has a small business to run, an overworked father to look after and a future stepmother who wants a perfect wedding.

Can she avoid a girly night out with her clueless stepsister? Can she side-step lovesick suitors at every turn? Not if it’s up to that team of foul-mouthed dwarfs who want to forcibly drag her into her happily ever after.

Gingerbread cottages, dodgy European gangsters, gun-toting grannies, wisecracking wolves, stubborn fairy godmothers, ogres, beanstalks and flying carpets abound in a tale about what happens when you refuse to accept your Happy Ending.