Sam Applewhite series

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Sam Applewhite

Occupation: Local agent for DefCon4, provider of services to police, social services, local businesses and anyone else who’s paying

Supervisor: Good question. No other human has set foot in the Skegness office during Sam’s employment there. Her closest colleague is a cactus called Doug. Head Office assume that the branch is fine because the work gets done. Mostly.

Specialist skills:

  • Turning her hand to the varied tasks that come her way. She needs to get creative with quite a few of them.
  • Sam has a nose for trouble, solving mysteries and uncovering crimes that evade the authorities
  • She has a good working relationship with The Odinsons, a local family of self-declared Vikings who like to live outside of the law

Family: Sam lives with her father, who is an ex-stage magician. No joke is too corny. No faded celebrity gossip is too well-worn for Marvin


  • Sam’s best friend Delia runs a second-hand shop in the town. Delia has a big heart and is willing to rescue anything from a broken sideboard to a washed-up container load of dolls
  • Rich is Sam’s ex-boyfriend, who continues to infuriate her by being handsome, rich and charming. He can live anywhere in the world with his wealth, but he has interests in Skegness, business and otherwise

Explore this new crime series with seaside sleuth, Sam Applewhite

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Some bodies just won’t stay buried.

When a client tells Sam Applewhite she’s seen ghosts in the nearby graveyard, Sam dismisses it as the ramblings of an old woman. She’s got bigger things to worry about — Keeping on top of her job at DefCon4 Security Services isn’t easy – particularly since her manager is a cactus and no one will tell her what her job actually is.

But when the ghost-spotting client goes missing and only Sam suspects foul play, she is compelled to dig deeper.

Aided by her retired stage magician father and the owner of the most outlandish junk shop on the sea front, Sam dives into a mystery involving psychotic seals,  unexploded air force munitions, DIY foot surgery and a corpse that just won’t quit.

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There’s something very wrong at the Otterside care home.

When Sam Applewhite tries to help a friend who’s lost a beloved pet she  finds that it’s just the first in a series of seemingly unconnected deaths. Is it her imagination, or do all of them somehow point back to the same residential home for seniors?

Sam’s skills are in demand elsewhere however, as she must orchestrate a safety drill with animal actors, cook dinner on an abandoned oil rig and keep an eye on those vikings who are building a longship.

When the police don’t see the pattern, it’s all down to Sam, and the closer she gets to uncovering what’s going on at Otterside, the more danger she’s in.

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The aristocracy abide by a different set of rules...

...or so it seems to Sam Applewhite when her job brings her to Candlebroke Hall, the stately home. The burglary definitely wasn’t what it appeared to be, and the subsequent accidents suggest that it’s a dangerous place to spend time.

Sam is caught up in events as she tries to protect the interests of young Hilde Odinson, part of the local viking family. The Odinsons insist on doing things their own way though, with scant regard for the law. In the meantime, Sam starts to understand that while many people would kill to live at Candlebroke Hall, maybe there are others who would kill to get away from it.