Here are more comedy novels written by Heide and Iain

Three very different witches end up on the same training course and land in a whole lot of trouble. Foul-mouthed imps, wererats, naked gardeners, tree monsters, ghosts and stampeding donkeys abound in a tale about discovering your inner witch.

WHAT are the dangers of getting directions from a fairy tale frog?
WHERE do archangels go to kick back and relax?
HOW can a garden gnome mend a broken heart?
WHO is the last person you’d expect to visit you at Christmas?
WHY shouldn’t you let Satan organise your funeral?

Find out in this short story collection

Holly Raddlebarn has an amazing life: she has a job in high fashion, knows what she needs to do to get a perfect body and has her sights set on dating a rock star.

Unfortunately, the job is cleaning a fashion studio, the rock star doesn’t even know she exists and the first thing she needs to do to get a perfect body is stop comfort-eating fish fingers and cream cakes.

But, one day, she is asked to try on an astonishing dress, one that can give her the body of a supermodel at the flick of a switch. It might have been designed to provide hi-tech camouflage for soldiers on the battlefield but Holly sees it a shortcut to personal happiness and fulfilment. What’s a young woman to do? Except borrow it, of course!

With newfound confidence and sex appeal, can Holly find the personal fulfilment she’s been craving in her life? And, with the army, the police and the dress’s inventor hot on her heels (and her meddling mum and aunt snooping in her private life!) can Holly find that happiness before her world comes crashing down around her?

A novel about getting the body you’d love and loving the body you have.

All Nick wants to do is take his dying father for a perfect father-son weekend in the Scottish Highlands. It’s not much to ask, is it? A log cabin, a roaring fire, a bottle of fine whisky and two days to paper over the cracks in their relationship.

However, Nick didn’t plan on making the trip with a dead neighbour in the back of his car. Or the neighbour’s dog. He really didn’t plan on being pursued by a psychotic female assassin intent on collecting body parts. And he really, really didn’t plan on encountering a platoon of heavily armed mercenaries, or some very hungry boars, or a werewolf.

A Heart in the Right Place – a horror comedy about setting out with the very best intentions and then messing everything up.

The dragon queen is dead, her dragon flown off into the east.
The capital city is in flames and ruin.

Who will rebuild the city and how?
While the lords squabble over who should be king, a self-appointed council — a former-pirate, a thief-turned-treasurer, a knight of the realm and someone who calls himself a dentist — need to save the city from itself.

Because the dragon might have gone but perhaps it left something behind…

A city under siege by a barbarian horde…
A band of ruthless mercenaries…
A trap-filled dungeon…

A situation like this calls for the best wizard in town.
What they’ve got is the ONLY wizard in town: Newport Pagnell, oral hygiene specialist.

More used to soothing fevered gums and extracting rotten teeth, this dental spellcaster has to perform an operation like never before: extracting a fabled treasure from the jaws of certain doom. This time, he might have bitten off more than he can chew…