What’s the collective noun for a whole load of writers?
It’s a convention – yay!
The fun times during the year when lots of genre writers get together to exchange best practice and sing bad karaoke.
It has dawned on me recently that we have a slew of fabulous events on the horizon, so I put them into a calendar to see how busy things were going to get.
If you want to join me in getting excited about them, then firstly, feast your eyes on the picture:

Calendar showing upcoming conventions
Conventions are already crowding out the calendar for next year

My list. Not exhaustive!

There are many literary festivals and fun events that I haven’t included on here. 
That really isn’t a reflection on what I think about them and whether or not I’m going to them. 
This list is based on upcoming events that have fixed dates and that I am looking forward to.


19th – 21st October 2018
The Queen Hotel, Chester, UK

Panels, readings, workshops and most importantly of all, seeing lots of familiar faces.


24th November 2018, 10am-6pm
The Quad, Derby, UK

A one-day midlands-based genre convention. This is the Christmas version of Edge-Lit which happens in the summer.

Stokercon 2019

9th-12th May 2019
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

A horror convention, with a similar format to Fantasycon.
It’s unlikely that I will get to this, but I would really like to.
I went to Stokercon 2017 and I can’t wait to go to another!

Collectormania Birmingham

1st – 2nd June 2019
The NEC Birmingham, UK

Not a writers convention. This is a Comicon-style event.
Has “small press alley” which is where Iain and I will be selling books.

Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival

18th -21st July 2019
Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate, UK

I’ve never been to this one, but for the last couple of years my Facebook timeline has lit up with all the fun that people are having.
There’s a very good chance that the fear of missing out will make sure that I am there in 2019

20Books Edinburgh

25th – 31st July 2019
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
This is a conference centred around self-published marketing.
Organised by the Facebook group 20BooksTo50K®, it brings some of self-publishing’s biggest hitters to our shores.


15th – 19th August 2019
Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland
A science fiction convention. Looks as though it will be fantastic.

Stokercon 2020

16th – 19th April 2020
Scarborough, UK

The news that Stokercon 2020 is coming to the UK is beyond thrilling!


Hoping that I’ll bump into lots of you at these events, and that I have the stamina to make it through them all!