Baby has now been to two Fantasycons and wanted to pass on some top tips for getting the most out of a convention.
Here’s Baby’s guide to Fantasycon.


Baby reads the Fantasycon programme
Consult the programme!

Consult the programme.
So many exciting things to see! Which events to attend? Where are the clashes? When will you eat?

Preparation is a great idea, but as Baby knows all too well, you sometimes get chatting in the bar and just forget the time.

Socialise, but not like this!

Fanstasycon is filled with wonderful people. Mostly they are delighted if you take time to say hello to them, but it’s important to respect boundaries and be polite.

Baby is captured here trying to steal Guest of Honour Ben Aaranovitch’s pint


Baby was heard muttering “Don’t you know who I am?” to this young lady


Baby no! Violence is never the answer


Attending panels

Wait until invited to ask questions of the panel.

Nobody likes a show-off: Everyone moved away in disgust here after Baby asked a long rambling question that was actually a statement


Join in the fun

Baby really wanted to have a go at karaoke, but nobody wanted to hear (or foot the bill for) Baby’s re-interpretation of Nick Lowe’s I love the sound of breaking glass featuring real breakages.

Baby had to make do with dancing along.