Prominent members of the pirate community have encouraged LGBT individuals to join them.
Captain Hector Barbossa declared that pirates have led the way for many years when it comes to diversity.

“The scurvy cap’n of the free world complains about medical expenses to support trans personnel and struggles to understand bathroom niceties,” he said. “Yer’ll never come across any of those issues on a pirate ship. Anyone brave enough to use the head is welcome and the daily rum allowance keeps us all in peak physical condition.”

He has this message for worried US military personnel. “Come and join our merry band. All welcome. Ye’ll get full training on how to talk like a pirate. Arr. And songs about pirates, if the fancy takes ye. Easy to learn, especially with yer belly full o’ rum. If yer wants to bring a warship with yer, that’d be grand. Or a parrot. We likes parrots.”