Why book page markers?

An upcoming event where we will have a book stall made us think about a small craft activity that we might offer.

It needed to be book related, family-friendly and cheap to do.

We decided that we would take along materials to make these book marks. 

They are the ones that slip onto the corner of the page that you’ve reached.

Book page markers with a monster a demon and a dwarf
Book marks in action

How to make a book page marker

All the equipment that we need is paper, glue sticks and scissors.

The basic template is very easy, it’s three squares in this arrangement.

template for book page marker

Fold the outside squares in half like this:
book page marker under construction

and fold them over like this:

book page marker under construction

Stick the upper triangle onto the lower one:

sticking down the flaps on a book page marker

and then decorate as you like!

book page marker with snowflake decoration

Easy Book Page Marker Template

If you want something that you can just cut straight out and assemble, how about this?

It features some of the characters from the front cover of Mythfits, one of our short story collections.

Download the file, print and make your bookmark!

book page marker templates with gnome and demon