The working week as you've never seen it before
The working week as you’ve never seen it before

If you’d like to win a paperback copy of the new comedy book, Oddjobs, then check out the giveaway at Goodreads:

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Oddjobs by Heide Goody


by Heide Goody

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“Incomprehensible horrors from beyond are going to devour our world and someone has to make sure that it goes as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.
In her first week on the job, Morag Murray has to hunt down a man-eating starfish, solve a supernatural murder and, if she’s got time, prevent her own inevitable death.
The first book in a new comedy series by the creators of ‘Clovenhoof’, Oddjobs is a sideswipe at the world of work and a fantastical adventure featuring amphibian wannabe gangstas, mad old cat ladies, apocalyptic scrabble, fish porn, telepathic curry and, possibly, the end of the world as we know it.”