Started plotting a synopsis for Clovenhoof book 4 chapter 10 (was going to be chapter 9 but then we split chapter 8). The chapter involves a nasty demon being hoisted by his own petard. Turned to the Bible and the Book of Esther to see if there’s inspiration to be had from that story. Read Esther and then some DC Lucifercomics and a Neil Gaiman novel and did no more plotting for the rest of the day.


Made editing and proof-reading changes to the steampunk chapbook, The Well of Shambala, and sent over to Heide for conversion into an Amazon .mobi file. Heide returned a functioning .mobi soon after.
Fiddled with the planning documents for steampunk chapbooks 5 and 6.




Started editing Clovenhoof book 3 chapter 9.
The Well of Shambala submitted for publication on Amazon. Confirmation returned within a few hours. It’s a steampunk adventure of late Victorian derring-do, featuring yeti, orbital space cannons, dead gods and steam-powered huskies. You can buy it here.


A third of the way through the edits of Clovenhoof book 3 chapter 9. Some absolutely delightful silliness involving an army of dogs invading Marseille plus Joan of Arc getting déjà vu as she goes “on trial” in a mental hospital.
Received notification of the edits made to my contribution to the Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3. A little chit-chat with the editor over 1940’s hardboiled detective slang but I was very happy all round.


Went to Writers’ Network Wednesday at the Railway pub in Birmingham. Talked about bold new publishing models with PowWow’s Andy Killeen and the BBC’s drive for on-line content with Birmingham Writers’ Group friends.


Rejigged our plans for editing Circ, the Ten To One novel. I’ve got my grubby mitts on it for the first half of July. Heide will have it for the second half.
Started the synopsis for Clovenhoof book 4 chapter 9 for Heide to start writing next week.


Finished the Clovenhoof book 4 chapter 9 synopsis.
Read a William Gallagher blog that mentioned a word new to me, humblebrag. Looked up the definition. Might have to rethink all my public posts and statements in the light of such knowledge.



Continued editing Clovenhoof book 3 chapter 9. Fire engines, dog armies and the end of the world.

My Createspace proof copy of Clovenhoof arrived! Discovered that all the pictures visible in the Word doc, the PDF and on Createspace’s on-line preview are missing from the physical book. Furious at their failure and the fact that it’s cost me money. I feel maybe a fraction of the rage that traditional publishers feel towards Amazon.


Finished editing Clovenhoof book 3 chapter 9. That’s my chapter-level editing finished on that novel. I’ve got chapter 10 to write in July and then it’s in the hands of beta-readers, proof-readers, etc.


Did nothing. Yep, nothing. The author changes for Circ come in at midnight tonight and the editing process will begin tomorrow. But today… nothing.