Read a couple of chapters of William Gallagher’s engaging The Blank Screen, a book about productivity for creative writers. Turns out he has kept a public log of his writing efforts on his website for some months.
Did no other writing work today. So much for my own productivity.






Up to 1200 words on chapter 8 of Clovenhoof book 4.  Got fully underway now and the beginnings of chapters are always the hardest.






Up to 3400 words on chapter 8 of Clovenhoof book 4 although, according to my writing plan, at that point in the story I should have only written 2706 words. Yes, my writing plans are that detailed. This 6000 word chapter is already going to be much longer than planned.






Tried to find some interest and support for the one day steampunk event in September. No replies as yet. Not worried.
Received a shocking National Insurance bill from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. But, after some conversations I discovered that I earn so little from writing that the accountant can just make it go away. Hurrah for being poor!






Added my tuppence-worth to some application forms to run events in Birmingham this autumn. As always, Heide has done nearly all the work.
Continued to rejig the blurb for Circ, the Ten To One novel. Happier but not happy.






Up to 4300 words of chapter 8 of Clovenhoof book 4.
Also, frantically writing my entry for the Birmingham Writers Group summer short story competition: word limit of 3,000 words on a theme of “The City After Dark.”






Finished my entry for the short story competition and sent it off. A retread of some favourite themes and chock-full of lazy storytelling and Iain’s writing shticks. It’s a pastiche of my own work but, hey, it’s the taking part that counts.
At least five writers I know have waved their social media hands at me to indicate an interest in the one day steampunker. Heide has submitted the relevant forms to Library of Birmingham.






Concluded that chapter 8 of Clovenhoof book 4 would need to become chapters 8 and 9, not purely because I am going over my self-set word limit, but because it will work best as two separate chapters. Heide and I have set ourselves certain rules about comedy and I can’t do this part of the story in one chapter without breaking one of the rules.
Chapter 8 finished at 5,320 words. On with chapter 9.






Finished tinkering with the blurb for the Circ launch event and forwarded on the Library of Birmingham. The event, taking place on 28th November and part of their Voices season, should be appearing in their literature soon.
Accountant has posted me some forms that will make the nasty National Insurance bill go away. That’s nice.
7,427 words into chapters 8 and 9 for Clovenhoof book 4.






Finished chapters 8 and 9 for Clovenhoof book 4, just twelve hours ahead of Heide’s completion of chapter 9 of Clovenhoof book 3. My two chapters weighed in at 8,766 words, Heide’s at 8,179.
Poked my proof-reader (AKA wife AKA Amanda) into finishing the proofs for my third steampunk chapbook, The Well of Shambala. With the artwork already sorted and Heide having e-book preparation down to a fine art, it could be available to buy by the end of the month.