Ten To One, the brilliant collaborative writing project from Pigeon Park Press is really taking off.


Over 10,000 people looked at the chapters posted on Facebook and via e-mail newsletter earlier this month. Over 250 individuals voted for their favourite chapters and characters.


Don’t worry if you’ve only just joined us. You can catch up right now. You can sign up to the newsletter (see the panel to the right), read the synopsis below and then follow the link to the Facebook page to register your votes. The second round of chapters will be coming out on 7th August.


Chapter sequence 1 –


In the down-at-heel town of Skegness, a fight in a seafront park has left one man dead and another wounded. The wounded man is Lewis, a thug in the pay of Sweet Bobby, a petty crimelord with too many problems to deal with.  The dead man is a mystery, one that has drawn the attention of several locals. But it is not the only mystery in town.


While Nell patches up the injured Lewis in the back of her café and Mungo Joey the clown considers life and death from his spot on the pier, further mysteries unfold around a block of flats on Castleton Boulevard. Valerie, retired actress-turned-blackmailer, intends to uncover all the residents’ secrets, from Shaun the caretaker’s shady past to the enigma that is Razvan Popescu, the old man on the top floor…


Read the chapters in full at:  http://archive.aweber.com/tentoone/6pfbY/h/Ten_To_One_newsletter_July_2013.htm