You might find these useful
Pippa Middleton was kind enough to share her writing tips with us. Well we think it was her. It is possible that Clovenhoof got hold of some headed notepaper. They do sound like the genuine article, so here they are for everyone to enjoy:


1. Show where the end of a sentence is by using a full stop.


2. A dictionary can help you find the correct word.


3. A thesaurus can help you find other correct words, or bon mots.


4. You can make poetry sparkle by using words that rhyme with each other.


5. A computer makes a handy alternative to pencil and paper. You can even print out your writing!


6. Convey a sense of place by describing the scenery.


7. If you’re writing fiction, try using your imagination.


8. If a piece of writing doesn’t seem quite right, try changing some of the words.


9. Avoid spelling mistakes, they can make people think you’re not a proper writer.


10. You can practise dialogue by talking.


11. To add extra drama to your story, have things happen to your characters such as an unexpected turn of events.


12.  Show who is talking in a scene by using the word ‘said’ and the person’s name.


13. Use describing words to tell your readers more about things.


14. Give your written work a title so people will know what they are going to read.


15. When you have written everything you want to say, stop.