Loughborough Literary Salon

Last Friday, Heide and I were invited to speak about our experiences of collaborative writing and publishing at Loughborough University. Frankly, I think we were only invited along because the guy from Angry Robot couldn’t make it.
We approached it with the utmost honesty about the smallness of our operation. In fact, Heide kicked me more than once for underselling ourselves. But we did try to give the audience a good flavour of how we went about our work, and which of our efforts were most effective.
There was a lot of interesting stuff said by others about what works in getting your book out there and getting it recognised in this information-sodden world. We shared our tiny nuggets of wisdom of what works (getting a famous author to endorse your novel, giving your novel away for free, etc) and what doesn’t (live events, leaflet campaigns, etc).
I’ve asked Heide if she might write a blog soon about our experiences with selling and promoting our novels. We’d be interested to hear what you think too.
The official write-up of the evening can be found at:


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