Our All Hallow’s Read spoken word event has received a lot of recent attention and we’re looking forward to an amazing evening of spooky stories and creepy poems (see earlier posts).

The event is to mark the launch of the Satan’s Shorts story collections which are FREE stories featuring the much-loved characters from our latest novel, Clovenhoof (which is currently available from Amazon).

Much of the recent interest has come from the kindly social media boost given to the All Hallow’s Read event by best-selling author, Neil Gaiman. Curiously, Clovenhoof author, Heide Goody, has often cited Neil Gaiman’s work as one of the key inspirations for Clovenhoof, a comic fantasy in which Satan is evicted from hell and relocated to suburban England.

Clovenhoof was written collaboratively by Heide Goody and Iain Grant who, Heide says, were following in the footsteps of Gaiman and Pratchett’s comic fantasy collaboration, Good Omens.