Actual chicken. Owned by Iain.
I was hunting through old emails recently, looking for some detail that I knew we’d talked about, before we’d set up our Dropbox structure. Ancient History!
I started to realise just how far we’d come, and how quickly. From the very first tentative shall we collaborate? email to having a process that feels as though it’s running on wheels was amazingly fast. Of course there were lots of emails flying around initially about what we would write, what length it would be, how we would approach it.
I think I’d assumed we’d write a short story, but now it seems absurd to think we’d write anything shorter than a novel. It seemed almost to escalate like this:
“Got a lot of ideas here. It’ll take a whole novel to get through these.”
“Yeah. A whole novel. You’re not chicken are you?”
“No. Are you?”
We didn’t actually have that conversation, but there was that sense of swagger and bravado, somehow. Also it was proving to be so much fun that a short story would have been rather an anti-climax.