Weird coincidence.
Heide and I were at a planning meeting today (okay, we were in a pub, surrounded by people in leprechaun hats, supping Guinness at ten in morning) and we were discussing a possible plot line for our novel in which God has decided to temporarily vacate his heavenly throne.

We disgressed into discussing other stories in which that very thing happens. Heide mentioned a recent read, The Second Coming by John Niven in which God does that very thing. I, in turn, (forgetting to mention the brilliant graphic novel Preacher which also uses this) told her about the Kevin Smith film, Dogma, in which God, having taken a day off as a mortal is attacked and slips into a coma. I was surprised that Heide hadn’t seen the film. It must be essential viewing for anyone wanting create their own comedic story about angels and demons on Earth.

And  – lo! – I discovered just now that it’s being shown on Film4 next Saturday (the 24th March) at 9pm. Clear proof that God wants Heide to watch it.

(That’s UK only. Sorry, Rest of The World.)