Foodie Fun

Fish and Chips, foodie style
I am starting work on a new chapter. Clovenhoof (our earth-bound Satan) is having a dinner party.
His own favourite food is Findus Crispy Pancakes, but he’s been persuaded, in part by his desire to impress a woman and also by his own inclination to show off, to take on the role of pretentious foodie.
Iain has written the synopsis, and mentioned that he found it rather challenging to take a ludicrous foodie menu idea that hasn’t actually been attempted by someone.
We’d welcome your ideas on this. Here are some areas to think about:
  • He’ll come across some frightening cookbooks when he goes looking in a second-hand bookshop.
  • He’ll want to source obscure ingredients.
  • He’ll create a menu so full of hyperbole and foreign words that nobody will know what they’re eating.
  • He’ll need power tools and other unlikely weaponry to perform his culinary works.
Please post your ideas in the comments, the more stupid the better!
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3 comments on “Foodie Fun
  1. Iain Grant says:

    The other week in Suffolk, I ate a medley of vegetables the other day. Not sure what made it a medley. My wife had a cassoulet. I was mildly disappointed to later discover that it's a real word.

    But here I offer, without comment, the menu from Simpsons of Edgbaston.

  2. Simon says:

    Some menu ideas?
    Serpent soup
    Ratatouille with real rat 
    Brimstone & treacle tart
    Angel delight

  3. Heide says:

    @Simon, Angel delight is something that Clovenhoof would enjoy. He seems to have a fondness for old-school convenience food.
    @Iain. There's no end to the daftness. I ate hydromel jus yesterday. Oh yes, I ate it all up and then googled it afterwards. Turns out that hydromel is french for mead (honey & water, obvious). My dedication to research knows no bounds,