I am currently plotting chapter 4 of our novel for Heide to write. This chapter has the working title of “Clovenhoof Needs People” and deals with Clovenhoof’s (aka Satan’s) being subjected to the most misery-inducing illness known to science: man-flu.
It occurred to me whilst beginning to plot this, that I could make some analogies in the story between Clovenhoof’s plight and the suffering undergone by Job in the Old Testament. Job, a pious and upstanding man from the land of Uz, suffers because Satan tells God that Job only loves him because Job leads a charmed life. What follows is essentially a wager between God and Satan in which Job’s life is made bloody miserable and the courtiers in heaven watch to see what happens.
Many years ago, I had the absolute joy of studying the Book of Job for a whole term at Sheffield University under Professor David Clines. Job is a beautiful book and is all the better for its moral complexity. However it is also a long book and could be regarded as a bit boring.
But fear not. If you are even only vaguely interested in the story of Job, you can now get the major points in a two and a half minute cartoon which is both funny (well, I laughed) and manages in three simple words to convey one of the most elegant and beautiful solutions to the Problem of Evil.


No CGI here. Just theology and laughs.


Check it out.
At least Job never had to suffer a bout of man-flu.