Your Satan Song Titles Needed!

So, here’s Satan, alone in his crumby flat (literally; Satan likes biscuits and does not do hoovers). He’s at his desk, the floor around him littered with dozens of screwed up pieces of paper like a flock of crap origami sheep. His pen is poised above a fresh sheet of paper.
Yes, Satan is writing his life story as a rock opera but can’t seem to find the words. He has a wealth of bitter tortured experiences to draw from – that nasty business in the Garden of Eden, that unwise wager regarding Job’s piety, the unwinnable war in heaven (Lucifer was outnumbered two to one), etc, etc – but how best to express that?
Of course, the internet is full of terribly beautifully terrible song titles to inspire bad song titles but most of these seem to come from the Country and Western genre. What does Heavy Metal (Satan’s chosen genre) have to offer?
If we were sat in a pub, we’d break out the index cards and sharpies and scribble down some ideas but, no, this time I would like to share the collaborative experience electronically.
Could you provide a title or a lyric for one of Satan’s songs? Pomposity, crassness and self-indulgence are very much welcome. If it makes Heide and I laugh out loud and wet ourselves, even better.
Post your suggestions as comments here. Each brilliant song title used in the finished chapter will be rewarded with a pint*
On a final note, I must share a quote from the indispensible Wikipedia article on the writing style of the band Slayer:
“Hanneman, King and Araya tend to have different lyrical influences. Hanneman’s lyrics deal with Nazis, religion, warfare and similar topics. King’s lyrics are generally just very anti-religious. Araya’s lyrics usually deal with less controversial topics than Hanneman’s and King’s, such as serial killers and warfare.”
Serial Killers and warfare. Not at all controversial.
*pint prize exchangeable for wine, spirits or a soft drink of your choice. Prize only available in Birmingham pubs. Prize cannot be sent through the post (it will spill and make the rest of your mail smell like a brewery) or sent electronically (it will spill and short out the internet).
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3 comments on “Your Satan Song Titles Needed!
  1. Heide says:

    Adding in the suggestions from Facebook discussion:

    All Tenacious D – Georgina B

    ‎"My mom's a devil woman" or "like a son out of hell" – Heather A

    Paranoid Angel? – Kate G

    bon jovi – misunderstood – Andrew E

    Kylie Minogue – Sinning Around – Simon G

    Bob the builder "we can fix it" – the fall of lucifer and the rebuilding of the kingdom. Also "catch a falling star and put in in yur pocket", as in falling angel? – Andrew E

    Be-Elzebub the Builder – Karl L

    Soiled angel
    Messiah of hate
    Reaper of souls
    Although I'm tempted by (never trust a) man in a dress. – Iain G

    The last one gets my vote…he would be very tempted to have a pop at the non-fallen angels!

  2. iain says:

    Some excellent ideas there. I'm now torn between song titles that are vaguely plausible (manger of flame, vampire messiah, etc) and those which are horrifically ridiculous (virgin whore, care bear torture cycle and (current favourite) swallow my fruit).

    I would LOVE to have a pope-based title

  3. Iain says:

    A big thank you to everyone who came up with ideas for songs Satan would sing as part of his heavy metal band. I used a number of ideas directly, merged others together and some were inspiration for my own ideas.
    Below is the track listing for Devil Preacher’s (Clovenhoof’s band’s) one and only performance at Birmingham Symphony Hall in chapter three of our novel.

    Thanks again.

    Track Listing

    1. The Devil’s Party
    2. Soiled Angel
    3. Through the Abyss
    4. Swallow my Fruit, Bitch
    5. Virgin Whore
    6. Spineless Disciples
    7. Vampire Messiah (Chalice of Blood)
    8. Night of the Morningstar
    9. Drowning in a Lake of Fire
    10. Lord of the Wilderness

    (Never Trust a) Man in a Dress