Another way that we can make sure that the characters inside our heads are as similar as possible is to give them a soundtrack.
The 1990’s TV show Ally McBeal exploited this, and I have borrowed from that the idea that the characters will have different theme tunes for different moods.
Writers using music to set the right mood is well established. Comedy writer Keith Lindsay puts on “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves if he wants an upbeat mood.
So here are some ideas for tunes that might evoke our characters. I would love to hear some more suggestions, please post them in the comments.
Jeremy Clovenhoof


Little Red Rooster
Do ya think I’m Sexy
Tiger Feet
My Way
Rolling Stones
Rod Stewart
Frank Sinatra
His self-assurance, attitude
Tie your mother down
His mischievous side
Rock & Roll Damnation
Highway to Hell
& many others
Double-entendres, daft jokes and lots of hell references. AC/DC & Mr Clovenhoof were made for each other.
Take the weather with you
Crowded House
I like the idea that Clovenhoof in love will realise that seemingly supernatural things happen when emotions are strong.


Nerys Thomas


My Heart must go on
Mercy, Mercy, Me
Celine Dion
Robert Palmer
Sentimental, caring side
I know him so well
Hanging on the Telephone
Love in an Elevator
I will Survive
Don’t Worry Baby
Elaine Paige/Barbara Dickson
Gloria Gaynor
Beach Boys
Relationships. She puts everything into it, but it never ends well.
Don’t Stop me Now
River Deep, Mountain High
Ike & Tina Turner
A force to be reckoned with
The whole of the moon
She believes she understands most things better than anyone.


Ben Kitchen


Up the Junction
Smells like Teen Spirit
Off-beat, friendless
Born of Frustration
In moments of self-awareness, Ben knows some of the things that are wrong in his life, but doesn’t know how to fix them
Dock of the Bay
Hungry like the Wolf
Otis Redding
Duran Duran
A craving for solitude
Games without Frontiers
Peter Gabriel
Grimly competitive