Inspired by Iain’s question below, I’ve become more and more intrigued by Archangel Michael. Archangel Gabriel is the one I grew up with. He’d be there every year in the nativity. If you said St Michael to me, I’d automatically think of M+S.
It’s only latterly that I’ve come to realise some of the fascinating detail in St Michael’s story.
Warrior angel
He’s got kick-ass character written all over him.
Often depicted thrusting his sword / spear into Satan (or a Dragon)
There seem to be many interpretations of this scene. A friend who’s a big St Michael fan said recently that he doesn’t like the depiction on Coventry Cathedral, because it makes St Michael look victorious, and a bit too pleased with himself.  He prefers those depictions that show him full of regret. After all, Satan was one of the angels before his fall.
Patron saint of many things
Including paramedics. I wonder if there’s something here that will conflict nicely with Nerys?
Has a rather fabulous set of monuments
Which stretch across Europe in a straight line.  From St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to Mount Carmel. If we can’t make use of this in our story, then it’s always there for another one…
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