Nerys Thomas

Nerys has an aunt who lives in the upstairs flat from Satan.
Here are some of the index cards that formed her character:
Nerys has everyone’s best interests at heart. That’s what she tells herself anyway. She likes to think that she knows what people need better than they know themselves. Her best friend for instance. Things come too easily for her, because she’s pretty. Nerys would love for her to get a hairy mole, because she knows it would be good for her, it would teach her some humility.
Nerys is a first aider for similar reasons. She wants to be able to elbow her way to the front during any human drama and demonstrate her knowledge and compassion. She dreams of finding herself at the site of a huge accident so that she can organise, rescue and be a hero.
She’s keen on being seen to do the right thing, and will pull people up on issues of political correctness.
She works in an office for an agency that provides temporary workers to local industry. She is often repulsed by the clientele, and is especially belligerent towards them. If she needs to speak to colleagues she will email them, rather than talking to them, in case some of those scruffy work-seekers overhear.
She has never had a lover that she believes is her equal. She searches hard though. She believes that when she lets her hair down and takes off her glasses, she’s quite the beauty. In truth, she’s rather plain, but she looks less prim when she does this, and some men buy into the idea that they are the one to corrupt the virginal spinster. She will take a new lover straight to bed and run through everything she knows from the sex manuals in the library. Lovers don’t stay around for long, and there is never a real emotional connection, although she doesn’t realise that it’s missing, because she’s doing everything right as far as she knows. She has seduced men from lots of different backgrounds (including a couple of the rough types from the agency) in her search for the ideal mate.
The only man she believes she could really be happy with is Hercule Poirot. He has intelligence, lots of it, and she recognises some part of herself in the buttoned-up stiffness of him. She also wonders how his moustache would feel tracing over her body.
Her aunt Molly lives in Flat 4B and Nerys believes she is duty bound to call in and check on her as often as she can, as she’s her only living relative. She secretly resents the time it takes out of her day, but she’s always suspected that Molly has money and wants to make sure that she’s in her thoughts. She brings it up often in conversation with other people, that she’s a “carer” to remind everyone of her compassion, although she’s never given Molly a choice about the visits, and expects her to die soon anyway.
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