You’re in the right place to find out more about Heide Goody and Iain Grant and the comedy books that they have written

About Heide and Iain

Heide and Iain are both married, but not to each other.

They have been writing together since 2011 and have written across multiple genres (but always including comedy). They are both midlands-based and share houses with animals and children.

Books in series:

Their well-loved comedy fantasy series, Clovenhoof where Satan is made redundant from Hell and sent to live in Birmingham.

Their horror comedy workplace series Oddjobs where we follow the team charged with guiding the public safely through the end-times.

Their crime comedy series featuring Sam Applewhite who has enough on her plate with an employer who doesn’t even understand their own red tape and a father who lives for his old-time celebrity anecdotes. She doesn’t have time for the mysteries that keep dropping into her lap.

The Big Tech series imagines near future scenarios where technology runs amok.