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  • Baby’s Fantasycon 2018

    Baby got back from Fantasycon in Chester, very happy to have mingled with old friends and new. Here is Baby’s account, as written up by Heide. Friday Baby and I arrived in Chester just after 3pm on Friday afternoon. Friday was our busy day, so I went to the bar to look for the other […]

  • The Virtual Reality Book Trailer – Simon Fairbanks gives it a test drive…

    We met up with indie author, Simon Fairbanks, at the Edge-Lit genre fiction event in Derby last weekend and we showed him our new Virtual Reality Book Trailer. He was so impressed, we asked him to do a guest blog to describe his experiences… Edge-Lit surpassed my very high expectations: charming authors, fascinating workshops, and […]

  • How Arthur C. Clarke and a cocker spaniel were responsible for this book and this cake

    How Arthur C. Clarke and a cocker spaniel were responsible for this book and this cake

    It was 1985 or thereabouts. I was ten or maybe eleven, and my school friend Chris Ives gave me a book with a big chunk bitten out of one corner. Why? Well, his family belonged to a mail order book club. I don’t know if those things really exist anymore but, as best as I […]

  • A Writer’s Year – 2014

    Oh, it’s been a busy year, for both Pigeon Park Press and myself as an author. This year we wrote the third and fourth Clovenhoof books (coming out in 2015, promise) and I also completed a number of steampunk chapbooks, all but the last one of which will be available before New Year. However, this year […]

  • Three Elephants – An editor’s reflections on the Circ novel

    Three Elephants – An editor’s reflections on the Circ novel

    We at Pigeon Park Press are very excited about the upcoming novel, Circ, written by ten different authors as part of the Ten To One project. You can get your own tickets for the launch (and claim a free e-book on the night!) by going to http://www.birmingham-box.co.uk/event/circ-can-ten-people-write-one-novel/Between now and the launch on 28th November, we […]

  • D’youKnoWriMo – part 3

      21stJune Started plotting a synopsis for Clovenhoof book 4 chapter 10 (was going to be chapter 9 but then we split chapter 8). The chapter involves a nasty demon being hoisted by his own petard. Turned to the Bible and the Book of Esther to see if there’s inspiration to be had from that […]

  • Ten To One Novel completed!

    After months of co-operative, collaborative and competitive writing, the first draft of the Ten To One novel (edited by Iain Grant) has been completed. The story-writing project, which saw one author voted out after each round of chapters, started with ten authors and finished with just one, Simon Fairbanks. The finished story, a tale of […]

  • Ten To One Author Interview – Simon Fairbanks

    Ten To One Author Interview – Simon Fairbanks

      Iain is currently acting as editor and cat-herder-in-chief on a collaborative novel with TEN (count them, TEN) writers. A contemporary story set in a tacky British seaside resort, the Ten To One novel will follow ten characters whose lives intersect that of a mysterious old man…   We thought we’d ask those ten writers […]

  • Fun and surprises at the Pigeonwings launch party

    On Saturday 12th October, Pigeon Park Press held a party at the Old Royal in Birmingham to celebrate the launch of “Pigeonwings,” the latest comic fantasy from Heide Goody and Iain Grant. Following an introduction from Pigeon Park Press’s very own Martin Tomlinson (who also writes under the name of Tom Aston), Heide and Iain […]

  • Pigeonwings – launch party – 12th October

      Pigeon Park Press wish to invite you to the launch of Pigeonwings by Heide Goody and Iain Grant  We’d be delighted if you could join us to raise a glass to the success of Heide and Iain’s new comic fantasy novel, Pigeonwings, sequel to the original and best-selling Satan-in-suburbia comedy, Clovenhoof. 7:30pm ’til late, […]