Oh, it’s been a busy year, for both Pigeon Park Press and myself as an author.

This year we wrote the third and fourth Clovenhoof books (coming out in 2015, promise) and I also completed a number of steampunk chapbooks, all but the last one of which will be available before New Year.

However, this year has been dominated by some other excellent projects and events. From our own spoken word events to those brilliantly organised by Donna Marie Finn and AA Abbott later in the year, from the Independent Book Fair in April to the fun (but expensive!) Fantasycon in September, plus all those ‘meet the author events’ at JQ Bookwormers, Sutton Coldfield Library and the Library of Birmingham. Oh, and making our first joint appearance on BBC Radio West Midlands. Oh, and the first slew of Writers’ Network Wednesday socials (it’s a work-networking thing. Not a drinking sesh, honest).

To wrap it all up, we had the launch events for the Ten To One novel, Circ. We were so delighted that eight of the ten authors could join us for the launch event and even more pleased that fourteen authors came to the Library of Birmingham to take up our Hard Day’s Write challenge the day after.

A wonderful year.