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Satan is made redundant from Hell and sent to live in suburbia under the name of Jeremy Clovenhoof. He turns the lives of his new neighbours, Ben and Nerys upside down. Realising that he cannot return to Hell, he decides to make himself lord of this earthly realm, trying to amass power and influence. Sadly, Clovenhoof is stumped at every turn by Archangel Michael who is always there to step in and undo the messes Clovenhoof creates.

Archangel Michael is banished to earth and sent to live next door to Jeremy Clovenhoof. Michael has problems coming to terms with his earthly body and its various functions. Don’t miss the    super-intelligent sheepdog, naked paintball, the Women’s Institute and way too much alcohol

Joan of Arc leads a crack team of medieval saints across Europe to save the world. The modern world causes them quite a few headaches, including murderous butchers, a coachload of Welsh women, flying portaloos, nuclear missiles, giant rubber dragons, an army of dogs, a very rude balloon and way too much French wine.

Life at St Cadfan’s, an island based Welsh monastery, is never dull. There’s the cellar full of unexplained corpses. There’s the struggle to find food when the island is placed under quarantine. Hellzapoppin’ features suicidal sea birds, deadly plagues, dancing rats and way too much seaweed beer.

Clovenhoof quickly finds that being a single parent involves more than lullabies and nappies and has to contend with social disapproval, paternity tests and, possibly, the end of the world.
Beelzebelle is an anarchic adventure, featuring a psychotic monkey au pair, strip dominoes, fire-breathing ferrets, pimped-up prams, the largest act of public nudity Birmingham has ever seen and way too much homebrew Lambrini

When Jeremy Clovenhoof decides to set himself up as President for Life of his own breakaway country, he knows he’ll need lots of money. The seventh book in the Clovenhoof series, Hooflandia, is a ridiculous romp, featuring ventriloquist dummies, cut-price funerals, sexy archbishops, robot cars, musical butt plugs, tax avoidance and a million angry nuns.

Stephen and his friends spent their teenage years immersed in the fantasy gaming worlds of wizards and warriors, undertaking quests to fight evil occultists, vanquish terrible monsters and rescue damsels in distress.

Now, twenty-something years later, there is a real-life quest. Life as a monk has hardly prepared Brother Stephen for the mission ahead. Demon Rutspud is definitely not a damsel, but he is in distress. The evil occultists are real and if Stephen doesn’t rescue Rutspud from a fate worse than death, no one will…

Sword-wielding Satanists, stir crazy demons, super-smart squirrels, magical garbage and a suitcase that cannot be stopped run riot in a story about the bonds of friendship and dark deeds in suburban cellars.