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  • Submissions call for Horror Road Trip

    Have you ever wanted to go and visit a place that features in a much-loved film or TV show? Perhaps you’ve deliberately sought them out. This year, after attending WorldCon in Dublin in August, I hope to be able to travel up to Northern Ireland for a few days and visit some of the castles […]

  • Creepy Dolls (and how this one demanded to have stories written about it)

    The Uncanny Valley You may have come across the concept of the “uncanny valley”. This is the strangeness that humans perceive when something is very close to resembling a human, but isn’t quite right. The reason for it being described as a valley is because our acceptance of human-like forms goes up and up as […]

  • What price research?

    Heide and I are currently working on third and fourth books in the Oddjobs series. If you’ve not read them (and you can get the first one HERE) then we should explain that they’re comedy horror novels about the government employees who have to manage upcoming apocalypse and were described by a recent reviewer as […]

  • Talking about Genres – Welcome to my Genre

    Writers, publishers and readers talk about genre a lot. It’s how bookshops decide where a book belongs. It’s used to draw up charts, award prizes and produce those “If you liked this book, you might also like…” messages on-line retailers send us. But how do we define genres? Pigeon Park Press asked a number of […]

  • Short story: A Christmas Baby

    We offer to you a Christmas short story, featuring Baby. You might have seen pictures of Baby before, if you follow us on social media. Our relationship with Baby was originally intended to be a short-term one, mainly for some amusing publicity pictures when we released Beelzebelle, which features a baby. Baby had other ideas […]

  • 10 ways to fight Blue Monday

    Blue Monday – a fake media construct? Blue Monday used to refer to washing, but in recent years it’s the day that the newspapers tell us that we are all supposed to be at our most miserable. The combination of weather, dark days and debt culminates specifically on the third Monday in January, we are told. For […]

  • My Writing Process – Blog Tour

    Thanks to Jacqui Rowe, who nominated us, we’re taking part in the “My Writing Process” blog tour. You can see Jacqui’s blog at The idea is that we answer 4 questions about our writing process: 1) What are we working on? We are currently writing books 3 and 4 in the comic fantasy world […]

  • Ten To One really taking off!

      Ten To One, the brilliant collaborative writing project from Pigeon Park Press is really taking off.   Over 10,000 people looked at the chapters posted on Facebook and via e-mail newsletter earlier this month. Over 250 individuals voted for their favourite chapters and characters.   Don’t worry if you’ve only just joined us. You […]

  • First Ten To One chapters available to read on-line!

      The first chapters are here! In case you didn’t know, I’m referring to the first chapters of the Ten To One novel, which is being collaboratively written by ten brilliant and upcoming authors (click on the link above if you still need more information). Together, they have produced ten chapters, each of them working on a […]

  • Pippa Middleton’s writing tips

      You might find these useful Pippa Middleton was kind enough to share her writing tips with us. Well we think it was her. It is possible that Clovenhoof got hold of some headed notepaper. They do sound like the genuine article, so here they are for everyone to enjoy:   1. Show where the […]