I had never realised that drawing pretty lines on a roll of wallpaper could be such a useful plotting tool. With the wallpaper activity, Heide and I were able to visualise and share our vision of Satan’s ups and downs in his story.

I, because I’m a geek, went home and turned it into a graph.

You may need to click and look at the larger image to read it

After drawing our pretty graph, we divided the story into twelve chunks (why twelve? Twelve chapters. The first two series of the Clovenhoof sitcom. The twelve months of Clovenhoof’s time on earth) and tried to see where the highs and lows of Clovenhoof’s life suggested an obvious theme for that chapter.

However, as this is intended to be a novel, the chapters can’t exist in total isolation. So we acknowledged that any story needs to be foreshadowed in earlier chapters and referred back to in later chapters. In essence, the stories need to be woven together.

And so I made a pretty table…

Chapter Month What it’s about
1 November Mr Clovenhoof arrives
2 December Mr Clovenhoof tries to return to hell
3 January Mr Clovenhoof discovers Rock and Roll
4 February Mr Clovenhoof finds he needs people
5 March Mr Clovenhoof discovers what it means to be poor
6 April Mr Clovenhoof goes speed dating
7 May Mr Clovenhoof goes job hunting
8 June Mr Clovenhoof throws a dinner party
9 July Mr Clovenhoof goes into therapy
10 August Mr Clovenhoof stares in the abyss
11 September Mr Clovenhoof sorts everything out (part 1)
12 October Mr Clovenhoof sorts everything out (part 2)

Heide and I are now at the stage of deciding what kinds of stories, scenes and bits of funny stuff can go into each of these chapters.

Ideas welcome