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Who is Satan?

Lucifer (Le genie du mal)   There are some bad answers to this question and some terrible answers to this question. It would be hard to explain who Satan is without putting one’s personal spin on it. The only way

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Nerys Thomas

Nerys has an aunt who lives in the upstairs flat from Satan. Here are some of the index cards that formed her character: Nerys has everyone’s best interests at heart. That’s what she tells herself anyway. She likes to think

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Ben Kitchen.

And the character sketch for Satan’s next door neighbour… Ben lives in flat 3A. He lives alone. He would like to pretend he is a self-contained individual, a lone wolf but, in truth, he is desperately friendless. Unfortunately, his overall

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Mr Clovenhoof.

So after the index card game/brainstorming session in the pub, here is the first character sketch. Satan has lost his job and been booted out of hell. Perhaps he should have seen it coming. His last seven performance reviews all

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Starting to create characters

Thinking up the characters led to one of the most riotous evening’s fun I’ve had in a long time. We’d planned to talk about this after the fortnightly meeting of Birmingham Writers Group, when several of the group routinely go

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