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  • D’youKnoWriMo – part two

      11thJune   Read a couple of chapters of William Gallagher’s engaging The Blank Screen, a book about productivity for creative writers. Turns out he has kept a public log of his writing efforts on his website for some months. Did no other writing work today. So much for my own productivity.       […]

  • Dogma – Is it a miracle?

    Weird coincidence. Heide and I were at a planning meeting today (okay, we were in a pub, surrounded by people in leprechaun hats, supping Guinness at ten in morning) and we were discussing a possible plot line for our novel in which God has decided to temporarily vacate his heavenly throne. We disgressed into discussing […]

  • **Competition** YOU can be a star in our novel!

    We can tell from the stats that we have lots of traffic on our blog.  Lurkers, who aren’t speaking up. That’s fine, we’re happy with lurkers. But we’d love to know who you are. That’s why we’re offering a unique incentive. Everyone who leaves comments on the blog will be put into a draw when […]

  • I could draw you a Venn diagram of our likes and dislikes

    The first thing, Heide and I had to decide was what could we possibly write that would play to both our strengths. I had recently read Heide’s novel, ‘The Million Dollar Dress’ and, whilst I loved it, it was a world away from the stuff I tended to write (body horror, ghost stories and metaphysical […]