Tag: three act structure

  • A work in progress

    I had never realised that drawing pretty lines on a roll of wallpaper could be such a useful plotting tool. With the wallpaper activity, Heide and I were able to visualise and share our vision of Satan’s ups and downs in his story. I, because I’m a geek, went home and turned it into a […]

  • Planning in more detail

    Sharpies at the ready In order to do some more detailed planning, we met up to have a chat in a pub. Most of the discussion so far has been by email, or in the company of the rest of Birmingham Writers Group. We met in a Wetherspoons , one of the cheerful chain of […]

  • Mythic Story Structure

    I’m only going to mention this briefly because there is far more information available on this elsewhere on the web and written by far more lucid writers than myself. The three act structure, with its origins arguably found in theatre also resonates with the mythic story structure suggested by Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell, particularly in […]

  • Plotting Our Story: Movie, TV Series or Novel

    Yeah, I’m going to write about plotting again because, although I’ve laid out my interpretation of the three act structure, how we use that in plotting a whole piece depends upon what kind of piece it’s going to be. I’m going to consider three options: the movie, the TV series and the novel. Now, Heide […]

  • Plot Structure

    As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I am a big planner when it comes to writing and I believe that almost any decent story beyond a certain length has to follow certain rules of story. Most of us write stories following these rules without even knowing they are there. We can also consciously […]