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2013 – The collaborative writers’ year

  Well, 2013 has been a big old year in our collaborative writing journey and we’re writing this blog just to remind ourselves of all that’s happened in the past twelve months. You can read it too, if you like.

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Sitcom collaborations – Keith Lindsay

  Keith Lindsay has very kindly written a guest post for us. Keith is a TV comedy writing veteran. He has worked on projects including Birds of  Feather, Green, Green Grass, TV sketch shows and he has also written for stand-ups. Keith’s

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Pigeon Park Press to host Sitcom Writing Workshop

  Pigeon Park Press will be hosting an exciting one-off workshop. “Comedy and Other ‘C’ Words – How to Write a Sitcom” Keith R Lindsay will be running the workshop, bringing years of accumulated wisdom. He has written for on

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Know Your World

At a recent writing convention, I saw a panel entitled “Not Another F***ing Elf” in which four authors discussed the tropes of fantasy writing.  There was an interesting moment in the discussion when it was suggested that many twentieth century

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A work in progress

I had never realised that drawing pretty lines on a roll of wallpaper could be such a useful plotting tool. With the wallpaper activity, Heide and I were able to visualise and share our vision of Satan’s ups and downs

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Plotting Our Story: Movie, TV Series or Novel

Yeah, I’m going to write about plotting again because, although I’ve laid out my interpretation of the three act structure, how we use that in plotting a whole piece depends upon what kind of piece it’s going to be. I’m

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