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  • Loughborough Literary Salon

    Last Friday, Heide and I were invited to speak about our experiences of collaborative writing and publishing at Loughborough University. Frankly, I think we were only invited along because the guy from Angry Robot couldn’t make it. We approached it with the utmost honesty about the smallness of our operation. In fact, Heide kicked me […]

  • Editors v Beta-Readers

    SCENE: Flat 2a, four-hundred-and-something Chester Road, Sutton Coldfield. Ben Kitchen sits at the table, painting war-gaming miniatures (Seleucid soldiers from Antiochus’s Indian campaign if you must know) and trying to ignore Nerys Thomas who has come downstairs to get Ben’s opinion on her latest lingerie purchases. In walks Jeremy Clovenhoof (Satan) clutching a lulu.com package […]