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  • Dogma – Is it a miracle?

    Weird coincidence. Heide and I were at a planning meeting today (okay, we were in a pub, surrounded by people in leprechaun hats, supping Guinness at ten in morning) and we were discussing a possible plot line for our novel in which God has decided to temporarily vacate his heavenly throne. We disgressed into discussing […]

  • Heaven: A Visitor’s Guide

    Back in November, I blogged about Hell because the central character of our collaborative novel has spent a lot of time there and I wanted to get a feel for the place. Well, now, as we start to think about some of the celestial beings we will ultimately be pitting him against, my thoughts are […]

  • Who is Satan?

    Lucifer (Le genie du mal)   There are some bad answers to this question and some terrible answers to this question. It would be hard to explain who Satan is without putting one’s personal spin on it. The only way I believe one can answer it honestly is as the question, ‘Who is Satan to […]