Death at Westminster

Diana and Gus the cat in front of Big Ben

Diana Bakewell is London’s savviest and best connected tour guide.

As the lead guide at Chartwell and Crouch Tours, she’s busy teaching her young assistant Zaf the ropes alongside dealing with company politics and her slimy boss. In her spare time she’s helping Zaf find his feet in London and coming to terms with the fact that a tabby cat called Gus has stowed away on her vintage tour bus.

But when Diana and Zaf take a group of students on a tour of the Houses of Parliament and an MP’s researcher dies, Diana suspects all is not as it seems.

The police are at a loss. They interview witnesses, including Diana’s tour group, but seem to be getting nowhere. Diana, however, was at the scene. She witnessed people’s reactions when the young woman died and knows that there’s a link between her group and the murder.

Can Diana solve the crime and ensure justice is done, while keeping her tour group under control around London and protecting Chartwell and Crouch Tours’ reputation?

Death in Westminster is the first part in a playful cozy mystery series set in a nostalgic version of London. Perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Anthony Horowitz and the Paddington books.

Death in the West End

Diana Bakewell is getting used to some changes at Chartwell and Crouch London Bus Tours.

She’s rubbing along with Zaf, now her flatmate as well as her colleague. The tour guide team loves having Gus the cat as it’s newest member. And they’re recovering from the shock of witnessing – and solving – a murder at the Houses of Parliament.

But then another killer strikes.

Diana and Zaf are hired to host a group of American producers, writers and hangers-on. They’ve come to London in search of a deal to take a hit musical to Broadway. But when the show’s director dies backstage, the group is plunged into disarray.

The police think there’s no reason to suspect foul play. But Diana, with her nose for a crime, isn’t so sure.

Can she untangle the web of lies, rivalries and grudges among the tour group and uncover the killer?

Death in Theatreland is the second in the London Cozy Mystery series, perfect for fans of MC Beaton, Richard Osman and Anthony Horowitz.

Death at Tower Bridge

Fresh from solving not one but two murders at London landmarks, tour guide Diana Bakewell is apprehensive when a typo forces her to take two groups on two very different tours.

The first group are bridge afficionados, in London to cram in as many bridges as they can cross in Chartwell and Crouch’s vintage Routemaster bus. The second is a group of Bridget Jones fans keen to explore the locations from the book and films.

But then as they’re crossing the iconic Tower Bridge, a mysterious death plunges both groups into chaos.

How did the victim get onto the top deck of the bus? How did he die, and who killed him?

Diana and her fellow tour guide Zaf must solve the msytery while juggling the needs of both groups and keeping the bus cat, Gus, from causing his own brand of chaos.

Death at Tower Bridge is a hilarious cozy mystery perfect for fans of MC Beaton, Richard Osman and Anthony Horowitz.