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The Birmingham Reader’s Map

Pigeon Park Press wanted to find a new way to showcase local writing. It’s not very easy to find stories and poems that are set locally, but as readers we always get excited when we find something with a local

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Collaborative book selling

Pigeon Park Press had a table at the Birmingham Independent Book Fair on 12th April. We wanted to explore some of the ways that we might draw people in to look at our books, so we tried to make our

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There’s a free exhibition on at the National Gallery in London where they have two Sunflowers paintings by Van Gogh hanging side by side. One of them is normally to be found in London, the other is on loan from

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Virtual Launch Party

When we launched Clovenhoof we had a launch party. A real one, in the physical world. It was a lot of fun, and we sold some books and felt like rock stars for the evening. We’ll be doing it again

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Collaborative Writing On The Road

We’ve been quite busy lately. We knew we had an upcoming spoken word event and that we wanted a new collaborative short story to read out. When could we fit in the writing of it? We’d planned a research trip

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Pippa Middleton’s writing tips

  You might find these useful Pippa Middleton was kind enough to share her writing tips with us. Well we think it was her. It is possible that Clovenhoof got hold of some headed notepaper. They do sound like the

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Podcast of Saints, Sinners and Fools

  Iain Grant reads a short story at Saints, Sinners and Fools If you weren’t able to make it to Saints, Sinners and Fools, then checkout this podcast: It was created for us by Paul McHale and you can

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Sitcom collaborations – Keith Lindsay

  Keith Lindsay has very kindly written a guest post for us. Keith is a TV comedy writing veteran. He has worked on projects including Birds of  Feather, Green, Green Grass, TV sketch shows and he has also written for stand-ups. Keith’s

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Notttingham Festival of Words – running our collaborative writing workshop

We’ve run our collaborative writing workshop a few times now, so we were looking forward to its first outing of 2013 at Nottingham’s first Festival of Words. There was a system of pre-booking, so we asked the day before how

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Pigeon Park Press to host Sitcom Writing Workshop

  Pigeon Park Press will be hosting an exciting one-off workshop. “Comedy and Other ‘C’ Words – How to Write a Sitcom” Keith R Lindsay will be running the workshop, bringing years of accumulated wisdom. He has written for on

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