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  • 28 things we’ve learned since starting this novel

    It’s one of the great things about writing a novel. Your imagination leads you into strange places. And those strange places, when one’s personal knowledge fails, leads to the need for research. Heide and I, throwing plot ideas back and forth, have probably set each other some of the strangest research challenges imaginable. So,  as […]

  • Dogma – Is it a miracle?

    Weird coincidence. Heide and I were at a planning meeting today (okay, we were in a pub, surrounded by people in leprechaun hats, supping Guinness at ten in morning) and we were discussing a possible plot line for our novel in which God has decided to temporarily vacate his heavenly throne. We disgressed into discussing […]

  • When real people turn fictional

    Inspiration comes from all manner of sources. This is an almost verbatim transcript of an e-mail conversation Heide and I have been having over the past week or so. Heide: I realised last night that for a couple of weeks or maybe more I have unconsciously been picturing Simon from BWG [Birmingham Writers’ Group] when […]

  • Planning in more detail

    Sharpies at the ready In order to do some more detailed planning, we met up to have a chat in a pub. Most of the discussion so far has been by email, or in the company of the rest of Birmingham Writers Group. We met in a Wetherspoons , one of the cheerful chain of […]