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6 and a half collaborative novels worth knowing

`From the best to  the worst, to the most magical collaborations to the most underhandedly devious, here are 6 (and a half) co-authored books that you ought to read (or know to avoid!) Good Omens A 1990 book, co-written

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People who inspired us

We blogged previously about what made us decide to collaborate. There was a workshop at Birmingham Writers Group where we explored some collaborative writing techniques, and talked about examples of famous writers who had made it work. I had wanted

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I read because I write

All readers read for different reasons. All writers write for different reasons. The reasons I read Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four for my GCSE English Literature were different to the reasons I re-read it three or four years later. The reasons I

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I could draw you a Venn diagram of our likes and dislikes

The first thing, Heide and I had to decide was what could we possibly write that would play to both our strengths. I had recently read Heide’s novel, ‘The Million Dollar Dress’ and, whilst I loved it, it was a

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Why it started

I’d been wanting to do some collaborative writing for a while. After reading interviews with people like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and Richard Curtis and Ben Elton it sounded like so much fun. Then in early 2011 I came

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