Tag: Hell

  • Demonic index card games

    Heide and I are big fans of index cards as collaborative writing tools. Not only can we use index cards (or file cards or postcards or whatever) to jot down story ideas and arrange them as we wish, kind of like a lo-tech version of those drag and drop touchscreens that they seem so fond […]

  • Gutterscum’s Performance Management Review

    When Heide and I sat down some months ago to bandy ideas about for a comic novel partially set in Hell, we both latched onto the idea of Hell being run like the very worst of bureaucracies. It’s not a new idea but we liked it. We wanted it to be an awful bureaucracy not […]

  • If Heaven was a corporation

      In our novel, Satan loses his job and is given ‘indefinite leave’ which he is forced to spend on Earth. Such a premise requires that the realm of the afterlife, perhaps both heaven and hell, is run rather like a private company or a large public corporation. The afterlife story arc that runs through […]

  • The Devil and the W.I.

    What links the devil with the Women’s Institute? Or, more precisely, who? Go on. I’ll give you ten seconds to work it out. I got thinking about this person whilst doing a spot of research for a chapter of our Clovenhoof novel which features a children’s choir (and animal slaughter, fake blood and credit card […]

  • Hell: A Visitor’s Guide

    In our story, Satan has been fired from his diabolical management position and evicted from hell. In our current plans, one possible reason for his removal from office is that some other fiendish individual wishes to seize the reins of power in hell. But why would they do that? What kind of real estate are […]

  • How did Satan lose his job?

    So, Satan’s lost his job, has he? Well, how would that happen? By day, I’m a secondary school teacher. Actually, by night, I’m also a secondary school teacher, merely asleep. My experiences of people losing their jobs comes from my own industry so, let’s think, if Hell was run like British state education, what events […]