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  • Disenchanted blog tour – Epiphany’s story

    Disenchanted is now available to buy, and to celebrate, we’ve had a blog tour. We’ve reproduced the story fragments used on the blog tour here for your convenience; all six make an entire short story. The blog tour stops were the ones you can see on this banner, and we’d like to thank those lovely bloggers who helped […]

  • Egg-tapping, girl-whipping and the power of Ozric Tentacles – Easter and Fairy Tales

    Easter is an intriguing time of year. It is the most important Christian festival, celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The English name for the festival is possibly take from the name of the pagan goddess, Ostara, who may or may not have been a goddess of the dawn. For most of the […]

  • Mother’s Day and the fairy tales linked to it

    Mother’s Day, celebrated on different days around the world, is nonetheless a concept common to nearly all world cultures. But what of mothers in fairy tales? What do fairy tales have to teach us about mothers and motherhood? Let’s take a look. Mothers don’t have a great life expectancy in fairy tales. In Snow White, […]