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  • Clovenhoof v Draculas

    Heide and I have been working on our collaborative novel since last autumn and we’re mere weeks away from finishing a healthy-looking draft of the entire thing. We’ve tackled the collaborative aspect of writing in our own way, simply doing what we felt was right and it’s been interesting to see how other people have […]

  • Collaboration: Can two people write with one voice?

    A writing collaboration can take many forms. One partner might be the ideas person and the other the writer. Or one might be the writer and the other the editor. Or each author might write separate story strands which are then woven together once complete. These are perfectly fine methods of collaboration but, in them, […]

  • Collaboration Tools

    The internet is a wonderful thing. It makes collaboration possible in a way that we really couldn’t have imagined a few short years ago. Emailing documents backwards and forwards is bound to end in tears, so we’ve taken a look at the software that might help. Google Docs I had high hopes that this would be […]