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  • The Adventures of Mr Clovenhoof Part 2

    As well as the neat categories mentioned below, we had plenty of other ideas from the members of Birmingham Writers Group. Index cards, and if you look carefully you can see yesterday’s credit card bill – for £666 Self contained chapter headings Here are the entries that are irresistible as chapter headings by themselves. If […]

  • The Adventures of Mr Clovenhoof

    After the Birmingham Writer’s Group meeting last night, we sat in the pub and played the index card game again. We asked everyone around the table to write a chapter heading from our novel beginning with the words, “Mr Clovenhoof…” Once again, the results were brilliant. Heide and I gathered them together and tried to […]

  • Why it started

    I’d been wanting to do some collaborative writing for a while. After reading interviews with people like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and Richard Curtis and Ben Elton it sounded like so much fun. Then in early 2011 I came across Draculas, a novel written collaboratively by four authors. The e-book included the emails that […]

  • How it started

    Heide and I are members of Birmingham Writer’s Group, the oldest, largest and most bloody fantastic writing group in the West Midlands. This summer (that’s Summer 2011, future folk), the writer’s group held a workshop on collaborative writing. There were some writing exercises and some discussion and not much came of it really until a […]