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  • Amazon reviews – forbidden for collaborators?

    Amazon have been deleting my reviews. I’d reviewed Iain’s book, “A Gateway Made of Bone”. Have you read it? It’s rather good. I made a review that was a lot more helpful than that. It covered characters, style, world and plot. It gave small tidbits, with no big spoilers. I tried to leave out the […]

  • Book sales. Our experience of what makes them happen.

    So, when you sell a book, you want to make sales, right? How do you approach that? Do you start with the people you can reach out to immediately and ask them to help you spread the word? Do you try and create a buzz in the local area? Do you try to establish yourselves […]

  • Print and Prejudice – A guest blog from Lexi Revellian

    Lexi’s books, Remix and Replica We’re really thrilled to bring you a guest blogger. We’ve had many discussions with other writers about the merits of e-publishing on Amazon. I’d urge ALL of you to read what Lexi Revellian has to say. The guest blog below is a summary of her experiences, and you will find lots more detail […]