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  • D’youKnoWriMo – part one

    (D’youKnoWriMo – Do you know what I’ve been writing this month )   Why is this blog here?   Is it just a poor pun on the current JuNoWriMo?   Well, not justthat.  I was thinking about how I spend my time as a writer. What do I do each day? How to I divide […]

  • Sunflowers

    There’s a free exhibition on at the National Gallery in London where they have two Sunflowers paintings by Van Gogh hanging side by side. One of them is normally to be found in London, the other is on loan from Amsterdam. I went there yesterday, and it’s the most fascinating experience to see them together. […]

  • 2013 – The collaborative writers’ year

      Well, 2013 has been a big old year in our collaborative writing journey and we’re writing this blog just to remind ourselves of all that’s happened in the past twelve months. You can read it too, if you like.       January       We finally finish writing our How To book […]

  • Collaborative Writing On The Road

    We’ve been quite busy lately. We knew we had an upcoming spoken word event and that we wanted a new collaborative short story to read out. When could we fit in the writing of it? We’d planned a research trip for the second Clovenhoof book. We needed to travel from the Midlands to the tip […]

  • And Then There Were None – stories in which characters get bumped off one by one

    SPOILER ALERT. If you have not read or seen the film adaptations of And Then There Were None or The Hunger Games or seen the films The Thing, Exam or Identity, then this article will ruin the end for you. You have been warned. And Then There Were None – And Then There Were None […]

  • All Good Things Come To An End

    At some point, any collaboration must come to an end. Your novel is published and is selling and you’ve done everything you reasonably can to help promote the book and those sales. What happens next? Perhaps the first thing to do is take the time to evaluate the success of the collaboration. Actually, no, the […]

  • Selling your collaborative novel

    To be a writer is to be a salesperson. Writing is a respected profession but no one is going to fall at your feet, begging to publish or even read your work, just because you’ve written something. Once your novel is complete, you will have to sell it yourself. That might initially be to an […]

  • Communication Tools

    It is probably worth considering how much of a debt collaborative writing of the type we’ve been discussing owes to modern communications technology. Heide and I live twenty-three miles apart. Without word processing, e-mail, video conferencing and web-based file sharing, we would not be able to collaborate on fiction in the way we have. That […]

  • Cross Genre Novel Ideas – guest post by Tom Aston

    We have a guest blog post, written for us by Tom Aston.  Tom writes in an exciting cross genre which has been termed the “science thriller”, and he’s written a blog for us to explore the idea of how commercial these hybrid genres can be. His novel The Machine comes highly recommended by Iain and […]

  • Print and Prejudice – A guest blog from Lexi Revellian

    Lexi’s books, Remix and Replica We’re really thrilled to bring you a guest blogger. We’ve had many discussions with other writers about the merits of e-publishing on Amazon. I’d urge ALL of you to read what Lexi Revellian has to say. The guest blog below is a summary of her experiences, and you will find lots more detail […]