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Book Restoration: a story

Have you ever wondered what is involved in a book restoration? I grew up with this cookery book. It holds the recipes of my childhood. I’m not so keen on liver, but you can see from the stains that we ate

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Creepy Dolls (and how this one demanded to have stories written about it)

The Uncanny Valley You may have come across the concept of the “uncanny valley”. This is the strangeness that humans perceive when something is very close to resembling a human, but isn’t quite right. The reason for it being described

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What price research?

Heide and I are currently working on third and fourth books in the Oddjobs series. If you’ve not read them (and you can get the first one HERE) then we should explain that they’re comedy horror novels about the government

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The Virtual Reality Book Trailer – Simon Fairbanks gives it a test drive…

We met up with indie author, Simon Fairbanks, at the Edge-Lit genre fiction event in Derby last weekend and we showed him our new Virtual Reality Book Trailer. He was so impressed, we asked him to do a guest blog

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2017-2018 – What did we do? Where are we going?

What did we do in 2017… We started 2017 hotly promoting our latest Clovenhoof novella, Clovenhoof and the Trump of Doom. This was a story, written in the days after Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election. We had

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Disenchanted blog tour – Epiphany’s story

Disenchanted is now available to buy, and to celebrate, we’ve had a blog tour. We’ve reproduced the story fragments used on the blog tour here for your convenience; all six make an entire short story. The blog tour stops were the ones you

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Goodreads giveaway for Disenchanted

Paperback giveaway Want to win a paperback copy of the brand new comedy from Heide and Iain? Here’s the description: Ella Hannaford has a small business to run, an overworked father to look after and a future stepmother who wants

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Fairy Tales relating to Spring

Spring time in fairy tales What do fairy tales have to say about spring time? Quite a lot, it seems. To celebrate the equinox, let’s take a look. DIY The familiar zeal for carrying out maintenance tasks on the home

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Fairy tales associated with St Patrick’s Day

It’s St Patrick’s Day, a day which is celebrated by billions around the world by pretending they have Irish heritage and drinking more Guinness in one day than they do in all the other days of the year combined. We’d

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A Writer’s Career

This Saturday, Iain will be appearing on a panel at Fantasycon By The Sea in which he will be discussing the experience of having a writing career. Here, he is interviewed alongside two of his fellow panelists (Sue Moorcroft and David

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