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  • 6 reasons why you should NOT write collaboratively

    An extract from Heide and Iain’s forthcoming book, “How To Write A Collaborative Novel” Good reasons why I wouldn’t like to collaborate: I can’t commit the time Give this some careful thought, dear reader. Being a writer involves a commitment of time. How much time you commit to writing depends upon what kind of writer […]

  • Amazon reviews – forbidden for collaborators?

    Amazon have been deleting my reviews. I’d reviewed Iain’s book, “A Gateway Made of Bone”. Have you read it? It’s rather good. I made a review that was a lot more helpful than that. It covered characters, style, world and plot. It gave small tidbits, with no big spoilers. I tried to leave out the […]

  • Winter Stories in the heart of Birmingham

    We at Pigeon Park Press are very much looking forward to the Stories in Winter spoken word event on 30th January. It is being held from 6pm – 9pm at the recently refurbished 6/8 Kafe on Temple Row in Birmingham. Our almost entirely full programme of poets and storytellers includes James Brogdan, Mark Faulkner, Luke […]

  • 6 good reasons and 3 bad reasons to write collaboratively

    (an extract from the forthcoming book, “How To Write A Collaborative Novel” by Heide Goody and Iain Grant) There are lots of reasons to collaborate. Indeed, to remangle a frequently mangled Shakespearean quote, some people are born to collaborate, some achieve collaboration and others have collaboration thrust upon them. Of the reasons that people give […]